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Guest Book
​To leave a comment for Merle, visit his guest book here.

Για τους ακροατές μου στην Ελλάδα, εδώ. (For a message to Greek listeners, click here.)
Some photos of Merle are here.


Merle loves it when his videos get played in the classroom.

Dick Bryan, a finance professor at the University of Sydney, Australia, has left a comment in the guest book about his use of the songs there.

Merle’s videos have also been used in the classroom at Vanderbilt University and the University of the Pacific.

John Taylor, a distinguished monetary policy theorist, has played “Inflation or Deflation” to his economics class at Stanford. You can see Taylor quote the song at the very end of this report from the PBS NewsHour (with Jim Lehrer). This special version of the song, integrating the music with a discussion between Prof. Taylor and Merle, is particularly suited for classroom use. Separately, deep down in the publicly-released minutes of a Stanford University faculty meeting, you’ll once again find John Taylor quoting one of Merle’s lyrics in order to explain the threat of inflation.

Merle has made the pages of a German academic journal, Wirtschaftsdienst (in German, on page 511 of this document). The article, Inflation oder deflation?, is in volume 89, no. 8.

Doug Gentry, of Southern Oregon University, played “Old Time Recession” to his Principles of Macroeconomics class, during a part of the course in which they studied the Great Depression and the big 2008-2009 recession. In Merle’s guest book, Doug has commented, “I’m getting several references to it in student answers to some recent test questions. Must have made an impact!”

In the comments, a student at University of Kansas reports references to Merle by his professor in an Accounting 200 class.

Merle sang at the 2010 and 2015 annual conventions of the American Economic Association.

The research head of the Dallas branch of the Federal Reserve quoted Merle epigrammatically at the start of this 2010 talk.

If you are using Merle’s songs for educational uses, please feel free. If you would like to be added to this list, Merle would love to include you. Go to the guest book at leave a comment, or email him at the address given on the home page. If you have presentation materials that might be of interest to other teachers, consider sending them along as well.


Merle’s daddy was a coal miner. His momma was a certified financial planner.


The online reference Investopedia is a good place to turn to for explanations of financial concepts that Merle mentions in some of his songs.


The secret of Merle’s sound: not too much reverb, not too much monetary expansion.


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