Merle Hazard

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Merle's greatest hits are gathered together on this YouTube page.

Merle has a new song, "Dual Mandate," released at the end of October, 2014. He released "The Great Unwind" in 2013. Some of Merle’s most popular earlier songs are “Inflation or Deflation?,” "Fiscal Cliff," and “In the Hamptons.” “The Greek Debt Song” is a favorite as well (although it caused controversy in Greece).

“Double Dippin’” is also worth a listen.

There is a cool video of the song Merle wrote with Marcy Shaffer, "Diamond Jim," being taken seriously, or at least semi-seriously, by MIT's Simon Johnson. The bit with Simon starts at the 21 second mark.

Merle sang a unique version an old gospel favorite, live at the 2010 American Economic Association convention, in this clip:  “Old Time Recession.”

He also sang some Eurozone crisis songs on Germany and Italy for the PBS NewsHour economics team.

Merle has written a few songs that he has not done videos for, including a pretty decent one about a mismatched love affair between a country singer and a PhD physicist. Check the “Extras” page for those. There is a nice lyric for "Deleveraging is Hard to Do" (no music, just a lyric).

Merle recommends that you check out the work of his musical collaborators, Mr. Curtis Threadneedle, for whom Merle produced "Quantitative Easin'," and Marcy Shaffer, the creator of (to pick just one) "Bearish."
Songs and Videos
Here are lyrics for several Merle songs in English and German. (Feel like submitting additional translations to Merle? Please do! You
can email him at the address on the home page.)