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Merle has a new song out for the spring of 2016: How Long (Will Interest Rates Stay Low)?, featuring Alison Brown.

Merle has done the occasional interview. In 2016, he spoke with Bloomberg. Also with the BBC World Service (begins 4 min and 38 sec. into the program).

Songs and Vids
Merle Hazard is the first and only country artist to sing about central banking, mortgage-backed securities, and physics.

Watch videos of Merle's songs, such as "Inflation or Deflation?" and "The Greek Debt Song," here.
Please do not confuse Merle with the great Merle Haggard. Aside from spelling their names differently, they do not even sing about the same things, for the most part.

Merle reads all of his emails, and enjoys hearing from listeners. You may send him an email at this address:

If you would like an email when Merle releases the next song, email him at the above address, and put "Subscribe" in the subject.  Merle will keep your email address private, and sends only a handful of emails yearly.
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