TV Broadcasts
PBS NewsHour (April, 2018: "Dave's Song")
PBS NewsHour (March, 2016: "How Long (Will Interest Rates Stay Low)?")
PBS NewsHour (October, 2014: "Dual Mandate")
PBS NewsHour (January, 2010: “Inflation or Deflation?”
PBS NewsHour (February, 2010: “Serfdom USA” and “Old Time Recession”)
PBS NewsHour (July, 2010: “Greek Debt Song”)

Audio and Video Interviews
Bloomberg (April, 2016)
BBC World Service interview
(March, 2016, starting at 4 min. 38 sec.)
BBC World Service interview (September, 2010, starting at 9 min. 30 sec.)
The Guardian podcast interview (October, 2010, starting at 15 minutes)
BBC World Service interview, with collaborator Marcy Shaffer (December, 2011, starting at 8 min, 26 sec.).
PBS NewsHour online (January, 2011).
Profiles and Interviews
The Washington Post (2019)
Nashville Business Journal (2009)
The New York Times (2007)
USA Today (2007)

​Other Features
The Economist (2012)
The Economist (2009)
De Standaard (Brussels, Belgium)
BBC World Service Played a snippet of “Quantitative Easin’ ”
The Financial Times (registration required)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Il Sole 24 Ore
Expansion (Madrid)
Der Spiegel
The Guardian
"Diamond Jim: Annotated" (former IMF Chief Economist Simon Johnson discussing a Merle song with PBS NewsHour reporter Paul Solman)